Manis ♀ - I Can Weather the Storm (by Harimau Kayu (AKA Sumatra-Tiger))

The following is an account detailing the process through which a new medicine cat may be awakened. I meant for this to be rather brief, but it sort of ran away from me and became unnecessarily long. My apologies for that!

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probably gonna scrap the idea that the apprentices (or queens or whichever group) would reside in an abandoned coyote nest. They’d be constantly having to ward off coyotes and other animals who would otherwise try to take residence inside, and it would probably be much more of a hassle than it’d be worth. The only compromise I can think of would be if the whole clan lived in a nest that had been expanded upon, but I don’t think that cats are exactly big on excavating, soooooo yeah. I’ll have to think on that a bit more.

hey, sorry for not updating in a while. taking a short break to focus on school/midterm stuff, and just to keep myself from burning out in general.


Caracal also known as desert lynx, can survive for long periods without water. Their ears are larger than other big cats, allowing them to navigate preys and escape danger better. They are known for their bird-catching abilities and because of their good sense of hearing they can easily detect birds flying, even birds with specially adapted feathers for silent flight like owl. Altogether, with their long legs and big paws they can leap up into the air to successfully catch their prey.

a whole mess of espeons drawn as different breeds of cats! for what reason i don’t know
referenced the breeds from google, hope they’re recognizable!
bonus kitten espe because i figured an eevee could evolve into an espeon at any age.

eh yeah sure i’ll post the sample writing stuff, why not

just know it’s incredibly unpolished, this is the first time i’ve actually tried writing stuff in like four years don’t judge me too harshly ;-;

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The cats are also actually nocturnal here, so that’ll be reflected in when patrols leave and how they hunt, though I don’t have all the details yet.